Oasis Advanced True Sine Wave offline UPS, high performance battery charger - 84% local content (South Africa)
Ideal for off-grid use with generator & PV, or on-grid with pre-paid meter & PV
Oasis 5HFG-OA-AC 5kVA 30min @25℃
4kVA continuous @30℃
50/40A battery charger
R 31 241
Oasis 8HFG-OA-AE 8kVA 30min @25℃
6kVA continuous @30℃
70/60A battery charger. Minimum recommended battery size: 200Ah @ C20
R 47 195
Oasis 10HFG-OA-AF 10kVA 30min @25℃
8kVA continuous @30℃
90/80A battery charger. Minimum recommended battery size: 200Ah @ C20
R 54 761
PowerStar True bi-directional, True Sine Wave, Grid Interactive Inverter - 86% local content (South Africa)
Modular, 2 AC input sources (grid and/or generator), built-in CAN port for Li-Ion Battery Comms, 2 auxilliary relays. Built in remote comms.
PowerStar 10HFG-PS-BA 10kVA 30min @25℃
8kVA continuous @30℃
155A battery charger, single phase, Minimum recommended battery size: 200Ah @ C20
R 76 997
Nomad Dual port/tracking MPPT Solar charge controller - 92% local content (South Africa)
Nomad 80FG-MP-AA 85A 30min @<20℃
80A continuous @30℃
Adjustable current limit (40A per PV input). 400Vdc absolute maximum / 375Vdc operating maximum. Bulk, absorption, float, and equalization. 20 to 63Vdc user adjustable with password protection
R 16 497
Accessories 91% local content
63A Single Phase Bypass Box
FG-AO-AA 2 pole bypass (changeover) box for 3/4/6/8kVA 1-phase Oasis & PowerStar inverters, with alternative supply indicator 320/320/170R 3 953
150A Single Phase Bypass Box
FG-AO-AB 2 pole bypass (changeover) box for 12/16kVA 1-phase PowerStar inverters, with alternative supply indicator 320/320/170R 17 131
75A Three Phase Bypass Box
FG-AO-AC 4 pole bypass box for three phase 18/24kVA 3-phase Powerstar inverters, with alternative supply indicator for each phase 460/430/160R 17 131
LV Battery Disconnect Box
FG-AO-AL 300A 24-48V fused battery disconnect switch which enables user to disconnect battery from inverter. Includes pre-charge circuit. 302/310/151R 3 628
Remote Monitoring and Control
FG-RC-AA The MLT Bridge offers full remote monitoring and control and functionality. It operates off the DC backup to ensure the connection. Input voltage 15V-75V. It is compatible with the Powerstar, Nomad and Oasis series. Online subscription is free. WIFI/3G options available. 80/50/40R 3 938
Microgrid Site Controller Advanced Site Management - 92% local content (South Africa)
MSC Master
Microgrid Site Controller Master
FG-MG-AA Each microgrid requires one Microgrid Controller, which communicates over an Ethernet network with up to sixty-three Microgrid Extenders on the site, with directly-controlled microgrid control entities (loads, inverters and generators) and with MLTs internet portal.
The controller has the same control and measurement ports as the Microgrid Extender. It also includes a large LCD touchscreen which allows local monitoring and configuration, an Ethernet hub, and optionally an internal UPS. External contactors, CTs and an existing Ethernet network are required for this device. The module is housed in an IP65 rated sheet-metal enclosure.
R 82 280
MSC Extender
Microgrid Site Controller Extender
FG-MG-AB Extends MSC Master. Extends same monitoring and control ability for additional site control. Typically used on large sites for cluster control. R 65 890
Microgrid Comms Controller
FG-MG-AC Controller/Translator for MODBUS RTU/TCP, DNP3 and various other protocols. R 36 190
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